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Charla de Merienda Presents: Indigenous Land Rights and Biodiversity

The world has become accustomed to the natural resources of the Americas, but at what cost? Ecological degradation resulting from practices such as mining, deforestation and pollution harm precious ecosystems, disrupt the lives of Latin American and Caribbean communities, and often violate indigenous customs and authority. 

Climate change requires everyone to consider hard choices. How are people in the region adapting to climate change? How can we work together to address these challenges? Join us for a riveting conversation in which we share facts, discuss opinions, and build common ground on matters concerning all of us.

The date and time for the event will be on Monday March 25th 2019 from 4-5:30pm at OMA Conference Room at Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center (next to Kansas Union).


Diana Restrepo

David Cooper

Peter Herlihy

Brent Metz